Saturday, August 22, 2015


We woke up early to travel 4 hours, one way, to get a new birth certificate for our son. The scenery is beautiful!! He was born in Nickolaev-- a very small town. The roads are horrible but Andrei was great! New birth certificate and back we go. One more stop at the bank and our day was finally done. Good news-- dad can return home on Monday as planned.

8/20 Court Finally!!

We got the call this morning! We have court at 2:00 today! Today Sergei woke up and we were able to tell him that today was the day. He was so excited! We went to the court and he waited in the van for us. The judge never asked him to come in. But he asked us why we wanted to adopt this child. We told him that there was something about him that I could not let go of after we met last year. And as we have gotten to know him, we fell in love with him. Toward the end, they asked what his adopted name would be. We told him Marc Thomas Turner. He looked a bit confused and asked why? I told him that it was a special name for our family that we chose many years ago in case we had another son. It was a way to honor 2 doctors who had saved my husband's life. That was all he wanted to hear. So, guess who is an orphan no more?

He told everyone at the orphanage he is not Sergei, he is Marc!

8/17 Getting Closer...

So, there was a delay in posting my last blog due to technical issues. Now, we are on track and I will date each entry.

Now, I know we must be getting closer to making this whole adoption thing a reality. Why? "Hmm...could it be Satan?" You, Dana Carvey, will get the reference! Let's see if I can list all the things that have broken now since we bought our tickets: my car, $700 in repairs, husband's car needs inspection, AC in the house went out, son's truck is having new door issues, and we got here to discover I brought a wheelchair that I have to push him in. Is that enough? NO! On Saturday, 8/15, I get a frantic call from my son that someone hit him and it was in my car and the tow driver took I and he doesn't know where. I tried to assure him that it is just a car and it would be okay. No one was injured. Thank God! The other driver was at fault. However, my son was upset also because this guy was trying to get him cited-- the cops didn't. Anyway, my son is fine, the insurance is taking care of my car, and it's all good.

On this end, life is good. We walked to town to see the trains and get a few things at the market. Today we went to the market again and took our soon to be son. He loves to be on the go. Tomorrow is his girlfriend's birthday so we got her a gift. He is so excited! And final note, we heard that they are working on getting us to court this Thursday or Friday! Please pray for that to happen!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

5 days in and lots to share

Rex the dog
We arrived here just 6 days shop and it has been a great time to catch up with some old friends here. We have also made some new ones. Rex, the dog, is an old friend that stands guard at the gate and still comes to me for a scratch when I call him. Staying in the orphanage certainly had its advantages: we get to spend most of the day with our soon to be son, we save on taxis and they feed us VERY well! It seems that as we are just beginning to digest one meal, the next one is coming. We have made to trips to the store, mainly to get more water- you can't drink the tap water or brush your teeth with it. Thankfully it is cheap...a 6 pack off 1.5 L bottles is less than $2! There is a new cafe that just opened across the street and really they only have drinks, but we walled over yesterday and bought a 1 L bottle of Lipton peach tea and a .5L of Pepsi for $1. I was talking to my son about it and how I REALLY wanted a coke and all they had was Pepsi, blah, blah, blah. He said "Mom? Mom, mom, mom..." ***pause for effect*** "...First world problems." That was too funny, but he was right! We are here to adopt a kid that doesn't know the difference and would be happy with either! Thanks Michael!

We have been playing a lot of War and just figuring out each other. We already found that boundaries definitely have to be established about property and sharing our time with others.  He looks at us at times, like this must be a dream. It's this really happening? He is very bright, as we already knew. His teacher had him bring his school books out to show me yesterday. I know he has finished 7th forum (pretty much the same as our 7th grade in the states), but it is not as advanced as I would hope it to be. But, he got something and is eager to learn. He and his friends have asked a lot about will he go to school? What will his house be like? What about the dog, it lives IN the house?  I am still amazed at the fact that we are here and this is finally becoming a reality for our family.

The gentleman that plays music for the kids had come a few times. He is also very interested in his new life in America. He came again today and I was able to ask if he could make copies of any sheet music he had for the chorus my oldest daughter was a part of for 11 years. We offered to pay for the copies and he said no. I will take that back to our chorus director.

Yesterday was exciting! They came to him and asked him to write a letter for the court saying that he wanted to be adopted by us and he wanted to go to America. He was very excited! Since then, every time the phone rings or makes a noise, he is asking if it is Andrei, are we going to court? Only in Eastern Europe would someone be this excited to go to court! HAHA!!!! Apparently, this is a good sign of progress. So, we wait.

On a side note, last night Rich was up and down and not feeling the best. This morning, he was fine and I felt terrible. I tried to eat breakfast, but it was not happening. I went back to bed and slept most of the day. Rich hung out with our future son and played cards. He went across the street to get me a cold drink... they didn't have sprite or ginger ale (those 1st world problems rear their ugly heads again). I did finally eat some dinner. Yeah me!

Keep praying for speedy court process as we wait. We are also still $7000 short and really don't want to get stranded in Eastern Europe. Please help us get through our adoption and get this young man home. I was reminded by one of my pastors, that He is Jehovah Jireh, my provider! Thank you pastor Jim! He is faithful and He promised to open doors for us to do this, if we were faithful! God is building a testimony here...mine and this young man's.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

We Have Arrived!!

So, we flew out on the 3rd from D.C.and tired through Frankfort to Eastern Europe. There was some turbulence but when we finally landed we just wanted to grab some groceries and get to the apartment. Vitaly was or driver that met us and his job was to get us set up and prepared for the next step. First stop was for money exchanging and the grocery store. Hryvina in hand, we went shopping. Let me tell you, the smell of the bread and seeing all the fresh veggies...I love it! We weren't sure how long we would be in Eastern Europe so we decided to shop light- this would prove to be wise! Really, we were exhausted and wanted to shower and swallow whatever was ready to chew...then sleep. I have to say that Rich has surprised me with his willingness to try new foods. After reaching the 'doll' apartment, we were given a phone to use that was programmed with everyone's numbers we might need while here. We gave Vitally some money to load minutes on the phone for us and said goodbye. The apartment, by the way, is beautiful! We showered, ate, watched one of the 2 English speaking channels and lost internet service. Fortunately, we had already found out from Yulia that we had DAP at 11 the next day- this means we could sleep. The next day, we went to or appointment and met our son-to-be. After a very short time, he put us back in the car with a driver of the day...Niko! Niko took us to a notary, we waited while he took care of the business end, he calls us in, we sign papers for the adoption (he did sit down and translate everything for us first...We didn't sign papers blindly!), and back in the car and return to the apartment. He told us to be ready at 4 and Vitaly would be back to get us. Ok!

Meanwhile, we did meet Yulia and Ludmilla at DAP. We told her about the internet and she said she would take care of it. Later on, we got our referral and Serge told us to be ready to leave early for the region. We were shocked! I mean we did ask for prayers for swiftness and fairness and funds too be released, but not has God been working overtime! I think He wants this young man home with us.
So, 530a.m. we are packed and downstairs from the apartment- remember how I said we shopped light? We still had food to bring with us...mainly fruits we bought. Now, it is Thursday morning and we are bumping along, serving and dodging the potholes with Max at the wheel and a GIGANTIC stuffed lion in back and starting me down! I took a nap, best defense driving on these We arrived in region, went to the store to get treats for the kids and a bottle of water. By the time we got to the orphanage, food was on the table and it was time for business. We met with Tatiana and Andrei and the team, had some good and went upstairs. The kids were there, all dressed in traditional clothing and the accordion player was ready to go! We immediately went to our soon to be son! He was smiling from ear to ear and so we're we! I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to finally be here and see him and let him know that he was never forgotten!

Soon, the social worker came to observe its interacting with each other. She seemed pleased and off they went to the office and before I knew it, Lena had me up and dancing with the kids! It was so nice to see them all again!

After some music and dancing and visiting, it was time for lunch. We joined Tatiana and the team for lunch and shortly after, the team was ready to go with instructions to call if we needed anything. Later that day, Andrei came to let us know he would take us to the store for any water or snacks we wanted.

Since we are staying in the orphanage, we only pay for our food while we are here. Also, we have internet via a little Wi-Fi box from Verizon they have us...We are paying a flat price for that for the duration we are here, roughly $12! So worth it. Generally speaking, staying here is not that bad of a deal and it allows a lot of time with our soon to be son. I promise to write more tomorrow when I am not so tired. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and conversation as we proceed. We are still about $7000 from being able to finish this journey and bring him home to America! If you feel led to, please visit the Reece's Rainbow website or you can donate using the above button. Good night!

Monday, August 3, 2015

I'm Leaving, on a Jet Plane...

Today is the day!!!! We will be heading out to D.C. in a while and getting on the plane to get our son! Yesterday, at church, our pastor asked us to stand up and share what we were doing and where we were in the process. We were expecting to be sitting in chairs for prayer at communion time, but not to speak. In any case, we got up and I talked- I promised my husband, back in the early part of this that I would never make him do it again (I got VERY sick right before a fundraiser at the church and couldn't go and he had to speak in front of the entire congregation!). See, my husband is an introvert all the way and public speaking is like torture to him! I on the other hand...well let's put it this way, my mother used to say that I could talk the wallpaper off the walls! I am generally not shy and don't no strangers. Ok, so I strayed a bit...sorry! I shared about this journey we have been on and how we have been so blessed and thankful to have a church family like we do and that this has definitely been a journey that we were called to by God. This has been a learning experience in patience and in trust. I shared how God has been meeting our needs and that we are leaving today, even though we are still short on finances, because we know it will come. There is still money coming in and last night, when we were l at our bank accounts, we saw that we actually have more money to add to what we already are taking with us. God math is the best!!!!! 
So, as we prepare to leave and leave our other kids behind, it is hard to leave them. They are old enough to handle themselves an feed themselves, but it still isn't easy. We have lots of friends around to help them with anything they need. They are so ready for us to go and finish this adoption and bring their brother home!
We have done our checklists and rechecked them and I know we are ready to go. Please continue to pray for our family- for protection, for financial release, for speedy court dates, for a smooth process (in region and at the embassy), for safety, and most of all for our new son that his heart will not be broken in leaving his friends and the only home he has known. He wants to come and is ready and anxiously waiting, but we hope that God will help us all to make this transition as seamlessly as possible.
So, I will do my best to try and keep this updated while we are gone.  Blessings from the Turner family!!!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

You Know You're Adopting When...

I almost forgot about this part of adoption...very important to know. Actually, I think I am going to start writing down things that have happened to us and others and make it a book...haha!
No, seriously. I have hear from others about this phenomenon, but lately we have really been experiencing it. It seemed to start once we were given dates. But, the enemy doesn't want us doing good and being obedient to what we are called in to. This past week, we had a wonderful time  at the Reunion and go home and realized my check engine light was on in my car- its a 2012 and I bought it new! So, a day off from work, a trip to the mechanic and $700+ later w have to find money to fix it. But guess what...God showed up! My church Outreach Committee stepped up and in and are taking care of it! I love my church- the way that they have always love me...warts and all! They do show the love of Jesus, and they are not perfect! Love my church family! Got that problem knocked down and on Monday, my car will be fixed!
 As we were waiting for that issue to be handled, my daughter became ill last night at work. She was having an allergic reaction and we couldn't figure out why. Got some Benadryl on board and left work and her tongue began to swell again! So, off to the hospital ER we went! We walked in to Chesapeake General and within 15 minutes, they had her in a room, IV started, and pushing steroids and antihistamines! They were amazing! She had an allergy to seafood and shellfish. She had eaten a piece of ham a minute or so before the reaction, so we thought that was it. After staying overnight for observation, we came home. I called the company that made the ham and talked to a lady there. It was a division of Smithfield and they have only pork in the facility. As we chatted, I was telling her how careful my daughter is and how they sneak stuff in all the time and you can never be too careful. She agreed and then began telling how there was a yogurt she had eaten and then read the label and it had TILAPIA! Are you kidding me? It sent bells off for me, she had eaten it possible? I asked her which one it was and we started comparing notes and sure was the SAME ONE! My daughter had eaten it yesterday morning and also the day before...I guess the amount was small enough not to hit her right away, but with the second exposure...BAM!!!  Let me tell you, MUELLERS yogurt does not label it right out. On the Fruit Up product, it is right in the ingredients. However, the others use 'KOSHER GELATIN" for a thickener....beware, it is made from FISH BONES! REALLY? And there is no alert for KOSHER GELATIN!!!! She is home now and resting but had a slight flare of tongue swelling earlier tonight. She is giving up a weekend trip with her friend to rest and recoup.

Guess what Satan? God has this too! You will not stop us for what He has called us to do. We already love this boy as our own and we will get him home. Please keep our family in prayer as we move forward. Pray a hedge of protection over all of our kids as we prepare to leave. Prayer for provision and for God math to be at work in all aspects of this adoption- God math is when He makes that money go further than is mathematically impossible.